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Tobey Maguire, April 24, 2004. On SCREAM! rollercoaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. His friend is wearing a fuck T-shirt, of the monkey with accordian variety. Clearly, Toby is a huge fuck fan.

Arrested Development, March 13, 2004. Hip hop entourage. Apparently, they had a day off and decided to spend it in Rimini, Italy, at the venue where fuck happened to be playing. They parked their tour bus in the parking lot, came in to eat before the show and then returned to their tour bus. Perhaps Baba Oje, their spiritual advisor (left), thought this best.

Beth Winslet, April 3, 2004. Actress (Body Work) and younger sister of Kate Winslet. Visited the fuck "chalet" at All Tomorrow's Parties festival in England.

Ray Davies' Amplifier, May 23, 2001. Amplifier used by Ray Davies of The Kinks who is, as his brother Dave put it, "The most important and influential rock singer-songwriter of our time." The amplifier, which sported a piece of masking tape with "Ray Davies" written on it, was rented for fuck's three shows in Reykjavik, Iceland.
Robert Stadlober, May 14, 2001. A popular German teen actor, attended fuck's performance at the Molotow in Hamburg. As it turned out, both fuck and Mr. Stadlober were staying with the same mutual friend, Jan Müller of the rock band Tocotronic.
Neal Schon, April 26, 2001. Guitarist for rock band Journey, was on the same flight from San Francisco to Minneapolis as fuck. The band noted that Mr. Schon was allowed to carry his guitar on board while they were forced to check theirs. However, they were so mesmerized by his stardom that they didn't think of complaining.
Britney Spears, March 19, 2001. Britney attended fuck's performance at El Matador, New Orleans, after a long day of filming for an upcoming teen movie (working title: "That's What Friends Are For"). The 19 year old starlet and her co-stars (accompanied by a private cop) were able to enjoy a rare night off. Kyle says, "She called me 'sugar hon.'"
Dennis Hastert, July 3, 1999. Republican Speaker of the House, was not actually seen. However, his son owns the record store in De Kalb, Illinois, at which fuck was scheduled to play. After some time of waiting about with absolutely nobody coming into the store, young Hastert paid the band $20 and a six pack of beer to not play.
Dario Argento November 19, 1998. Italian horror film director. While in Milan fuck were invited to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion show which doubled, surprisingly, as a party for the premier of Argento's new flick. fuck, The Blues Explosion and the director were roped off in a small corner of the theater where they were gawked at by eager Italian fans.
Will Oldham, May 30, 1998. Child actor turned indie-folkstar. Walked out on fuck's performance at The Fold, Los Angeles, but not before he was observed peeing in the women's bathroom sink.
Duane Denison, March 14, 1998. Guitarist for the Jesus Lizard, attended fuck's performance at Little Brothers in Columbus, Ohio.
Kim Fowley, March 7, 1998. Legendary rock producer, attended fuck's performance at the Hi-Ho Lounge in New Orleans.
Peter Buck, October 13, 1997. Guitarist for REM, attended fuck's performance at the Make Out Room, San Francisco, and was accompanied by local demi-star Mark Eitzel.
Elliott Smith, October 2, 1997. The Oscar-nominated singer, songwriter attended fuck's performance at the Mercury Lounge, New York City. Ted recalls meeting Mr. Smith, "He came up after the show, introduced himself and told us how much he liked us. He asked if we'd like to play a show with him sometime - this was just before he had become really famous. We're still waiting for him to get in touch with us about that show."
Phil Gramm, August 17, 1997. Well, okay, nobody actually saw Senator Phil Gramm. But, the band did spend the night at his house in Washington D.C. See 1997 tour diary for details.
Tony Hawke, August 5, 1997. Professional skateboarder extraordinaire, attended fuck's performance at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence, Kansas.
Courtney Love, March 20, 1997. Rock princess turned film starlet. Ms. Love attended fuck's performance at Spaceland, Los Angeles. She walked up to Kyle and took a bite out of his sandwich.
Adam Goldberg, March 20, 1997. Actor (Dazed and Confused, Saving Private Ryan, Friends.) Attended a party with fuck at the Malibu beach house owned by Garry Marshall (producer of such TV classics as The Odd Couple, Happy Days, and Laverne & Shirley). Mr. Marshall was not in attendance.
John Reiss, March 19, 1997. (Rocket from the Crypt, Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes.) Attended fuck's performance at Brick By Brick, San Diego.
Lily Tomlin, March 16, 1997. Actress. fuck and Lily were stuck in the same mid-day Hollywood traffic jam. fuck were unable to make eye contact.
Juliana Hatfield, January 10, 1995. Singer, songriter, attended fuck's performance at Under Acme, New York City. "She offered me a stick of gum, and I accepted," recalls Geoff.