fuck home

Pretty...Slow (1996)
wrongy wrong she leans on my backbone she pulls off my headphones she says something's gone wrongy wrong she slips on her lip gloss she says "kiss me quickly" something's gone wrongy wrong and i put on my headphones and act like nothing's wrong

i am your king idiot idiot i am full of it and I got a whole lot to say it just takes me a while i can make you laugh, make you look make your life miserable i am your king and you are my thing why do you smile? i've been studious, fastidious errand boy-diculous and I'm gonna die why do you smile?

hide face i hide my face like liars do sometimes i feel bad i just look away i hide my face

in the corner you looked so sweet in your macaroon dress i watched from the corner remember me i won't forget how i watched from the corner there is a time when we first met when we sat in a corner there is a time something forget we kissed in a corner we made out in a corner

from heaven saturday night wasting my time doing what all good folk desire spinning my wheels shooting the breeze and hoping that no one sees me crying she was the one the one i would love forever she was the one from heaven

one eye out the door sleep with one eye and she waits for no one and she's gone fall down the stairs i tripped on her good foot that we cut off for fun i could feel the wine and heat mostly drunk she turns my back for me still one eye out the door sometimes wonder is serious sleep with one eye and she waits for no one and she's gone just one eye out the door it's your feet that make me think i'm her

monkey does his thing she came home to run away clothes to be taken but when she got there the locks on the door had been changed that's how monkey does his thing monkey is my name he is the monkey monkey sweet brain monkey tells me everything to do and say that's how monkey does his thing drunken and backward live on wine that's how mokey does his thing

shotgun (h)ours shotgun hours like 50 below shotgun hours chances you take and the rabbit turns rose you've been born with a thousand things on your mind shotgun hours held in your hands shotgun hours pushing the point between the muscle and skin and like a good friend i never know what to say still coming to claw on the door and still look at the sky reaching for the shotgun still pound on the lock on the door and still i look at the sky and don't know what i'm looking for

Baby Loves A Funny Bunny (1996)
swinger backed in, come again? graceless without trying retard, you work too hard jealous 'cause she's lying down oh no, here it goes stuck here without cab fare upstart, cold heart skateboard 'cause she's broken down you swing your leg (and it's long) maybe baby

love me 2 i'm a looker no, not good looking just good at looking and when i wear her clothes you'll love me too just like i knew you would like a mother should more than i ever could like a new you

tired you know my jokes and i know your ire and you help me out when i catch on fire we never tire cuckold my heart like a hermetic liar and i come apart after a while when you snarl never you mind that you're looking so tired cause we never tire so never you mind

22 no when i met you in the laundromat you said be cool i said i can't do that no no no why do I complain? i'll never know i'll never no

nice burg, lettuce she switched to low tops when the time was right and the time was right that's what i like to think about her she pierced her navel it was not an accident and though i like accidents it's not the only time i think about her

ballet high ballet high softer than below i could cry for all i know i don't know why that i am almost like a girl oh me oh my ain't it going slow like some road in ohio but what was black and white will soon be brown and gold how about tonight?

part of me part of me is okay part of me is a baby part of me is for you part of me doesn't know what to do all in all i'm broken part of me is a pawn shop river part of me keeps an eye on my malady part of me doesn't doubt dereliction part of me never sees the blowaway all in all i'm broken part of me is in deep constant fear part of me likes it black like a sunday job part of me is beyond restitution and part of me never sees the blowaway

rococo you go rococo buzzin round in your room you flow rococo buzzin round in your room you are rococo fuzzin out after school you're so rococo naked in your silk cocoon you'll go rococo fuzzin out in your room

like you how come i keep meeting people cooler than i am? it makes me sick just looking at them i know there's no real reason for me to feel this way i wanna be like you it's a scene, you're a sight for sore eyes and you know well, really i'm too fucking stupid to know that i don't belong at this place anyway no, there's no real reason for me to feel this way i wanna be like you

loosened mind? he's got insomnia she's gettin tired he thinks he's Romeo and she thinks he's loosenin his mind in California they stand upright he stands for polio and she understands he's loose in his mind please be kind

crush a butterfly hanging out on love me avenue expectation barely shining through i was always falling for ya baby pouring out the poetry like i was truly caught in clouds of butterflies i'll sick a butterfly on you and i don't wanna be your martyr baby and i don't wanna see you shake my hand loose caught in clouds of butterflies in colors i can't speak i'll crush a butterfly for you

whimper and cry she walks among us we thought that she'd disappeared kidnapped or promoted we'd feared bi-gendered, but probably not queer so she walks she sleeps among us quiet still trying to hide uncovered but never untied we never whimpered and she never cried she sleeps so

Pardon My French (1997)
li'l hilda little Hilda don't be daft it's time to do your morning math and to count up all the pleasures that you bring little Hilda don't you laugh it's time to take your morning bath and to run a rag right through that lovely thing tweedle dee tweedle dum

fuck motel you've got your hammock strung bimbo you've got your magnetic hippo you've got your coat hanging up on Monroe and you've got that smell in the fuck motel with your gushing gas flow and your plexi glass window it's a wonder that we even go and you know damn well it's a fuck motel there goes postcard Romeo and here comes Cholo and Cojo you've got the wheeze beats of Asthmatico (A.T.) and you know Guiselle in the fuck motel

le serpent the serpent embraces me like I was the serpent the higher I climb up the tail of the vine of the muscadine I'm gathering to the top of the tree where the limbs become thin and they bend toward the ground shaking off branches and making mistakes as I lay my cheek next to the head of the snake and I freeze and I think tonight may be the tonight that I sleep with the serpent embraces me like I was vermin

bestest friend don't bite my head off I don't deserve you you're my bestest friend I won't desert you my bestest friend

compromise I've compromised myself enough to know when someone else has given up I waste my time on childish rhymes you say you've had enough I say you bluff I say you have given up

one lb of in all I need is a pound of Indiana it's all I need

for lori the best times of my life were spent deep in your eyes my head held at your side the moon no higher than I I've given you much more than mine and all my fear is waving goodbye breath I drink with your wine and your death will also be mine so sing me a sweet lullabye and hold me straight through the night please hold me tonight with all of your might and I'd give the rest of my life to wander in your eyes

raggy rag way down where we belong down below the deep blue me that's where my love goes wrong can't you please get a two dollar kiss from me

tether yank on my tether I'll roll back inside I ain't got no pride do you? and I waste so much time do you? this is a moral of paen to be nice forget the what ifs and nothing feels all right do you?

dirty brunette is obscene a dirty word? can you take the time to show me? and if I hurry towards the end will you be the one to slow me? is the camera really on? do you think we'll stay in focus? I feel I've always been restrained even before the handcuffs I'll be your dirty blonde you'll be my dirty brunette I know we'll do it all the time just as soon as we get started

to my gurl what you saying to my girl? what you doing with my girl? where you going with my girl?

sometimes sometimes the makeup wears off above a broken brow and the undone furrows reveal the tell you're blind and I'm unreasonable but you still want me but only sometimes

am i losin' I pale next to my confusion I see the problem I see keeps referring to me am I losing? and I see the folley I see the seed that flowers the fool some kind of losing

scribble dibble scribble dibble dabble dud.. make it up yourself..

Conduct (1998)
the thing lend me a dime I got a quarter I'm calling the Thing from the phone on the corner (it's in South Arizona) the Thing it's.. do.. with.. but.. of.. on.. for.. yeah the Thing

drinking artist you can't be found all Sunday you lie around do nothing you stir your drink drunk fingers you concentrate get straight calculate what it takes to be an artist honest I've never seen you look so happy so

straddle it comes with it more than you know beyond sarcasm, how much, D'you know? Baby I don't wanna straddle what lies alone

monkey doll cheep chatter... shovel up enough and there goes the ladder I've been moving it all night long with monkey doll fast, fast... Double double in until the here after we'll be singing the same y song and we'll be doing it all night long my monkey doll my monkey doll

italy if the Colosseum fell until the fall of this "majesty" I would take the "t" and give "it" still, you build me up so high I don't know why you do it maybe like a dream up in the sky over Italy

stumble inn stumble in with a fall Stumble in with my chin for the wall Stumbling down the hall with a friend asleep like the end 2am to 4am I am out in the alcohol

laundry shop at the laundry shop I see another one still, my aim is locked on you and there's nobody else like you at the marketplace I see a million faces still, my heart embraces only you and there is nobody else like you

get over him I love him, I'm of him I can't get up above him He hurts me I forget I can't live without him He looks good, he "talks" good, I wish that he could be good My heart breaks as I pray that someday I'll get over him

stupid band riding shotgun as I write we played a show it went alright now we're riding all night in the van you are stuck at home and I am always gone cuz I'm playing in some stupid band saying "sh--" because it rhymes sounds like "sh--" most the time I'm playing in some stupid fucking band seems like I could give it up seems like I could get enough But I guess I'm just in love with this stupid band

never comin' back sit right there and come up with a plan backfire woke up everyone we closed our eyes, we closed our ears it's the years that I lack still I'm never going back school me good in your wicked ways I'm going on a trip, I've been planning it for days I'm gonna take my life into my hands It's the years that I lack still I'm never coming back

twist off do the twist it's the twist hips to wrist let it twist lick your lips and let it twist

gimme some gonna drive you to the dump gonna doll you up in junk in the guise of garbage heap treasure appears built for me gonna get me some gimme, gimme, gimme on the other side of town spread your crash around blow it all away or you can give me some, gimme, gimme, gimme

stray don't you follow me home you'll break my heart I'll carry you back break my back to carry you home this tag's address I will wear I roam I'm lost and the sun's gone out don't you follow me home

gone please come home

blind beauty talking to a blind beauty about beauty talking to the red brigade about the blue talking about a fairy tale let's talk about something else, we don't know ourselves me and you

Cupid's Cactus (2001)
glass charms her charms belie a painful past her throat is dry she lifts her glass of whiskey rye too fast to drink the last few drops roll down her cheek and she laughs and wipes her mouth for me her looks should be in magazines walking and talking like a movie queen then thereís that which she calls "not for me" and she knows the life that she let go for me and her glass never said to me "iíll drink to that" and she laughs and raises up her glass

high feels like iím on air wasnít i too new to be true too old to be anywhere denizens of the chosen breed i wouldnít dance to this beat

someday aisle someday iíll wake up and iíll cease to babble about things i donít want to know i cannot fathom the logic of dreams someday iíll stop wasting your time iím done wasting your time

dandelion ditch dandelion ditch picture perfect flowery glow closing on which crossing the bridge over the rainbow dandelion ditch wunderkind shine shine shine dandelion ditch my wunderkind shine shine shine

melt give that song a line as i walk along outside shoot this full of holes be like fire melt my lazy eye salt and rain feel them and drink thine

panties off she takes her panties off she covers when she coughs she makes a face and under her shaky hands she pumps monkey love like medicine and she finds a place to be in and after the stuff wears off she puts her panties on and she makes a face she loses her place and she turns away when she coughs

awright hopefully itís alright hoping itís alright are you hopelessly upright? itís alright look at me as with you together weíll be alright itís alright hopefully itís alright itís alright itís going to be alright you are she he is you together weíll be contrived itís alright

itís unbelievable take your time to work things through nothingís been done that you canít undo same old dance to the same old song and the people all there just to get it wrong itís unbelievable this one you love and this one you hate put them all together and shake shake shake pour it out and itís still the same you know what itís about but you canít explain because itís unbelievable so i wonít believe it at all

never alone iíve got barely a soul youíre like falling down could there be less sound if we crouch down low? itís being out of bounds when youíre being alone you never feel alone when youíre drinking rounds itís so easy to say quit your feeling down take a ride into town nothingís easy this way you never feel alone you never feel alone

flowers flowers battered by rain swung by the sway of the flowers ? by dirt breath in decay ? drippy drops incredibly flowers

respond lazy lazy baby why donít you respond? lazy little baby why donít you respond? why do you lie there like thereís neither eye nor tongue lazy lazy lazy please please please little lazy baby you lie so quietly lazy lazy lazy you lie so quietly with such repose from head to toe so silently lazy lazy baby please please

oshun got sun on the ocean got sun on the ocean got sun all around when iím finally found fly high on the ocean fly high over the ocean youíre looking down for some solid ground got sun on the ocean got sun on the ocean got sun all around when iím finally found

Gold Bricks (2001)
diapers I can see right through them tight white pants and it's time to change the diapers well I suppose that you've got clean clothes but it's time to change the diapers

made up last night oh yeah

beauty remains take the chances I blew with the chance that I take nothing is truer than a promise I make take the things that I do with all that I fake loving on you always the same and I already came I already see beauty remains questioning me I don't want to be at the mercy of strangers in the presence of thee and I don't want to change and the beauty remains and is no more than free I love you the same we just don't agree

flapper uncover your mouth let flap what will fly you've got so much to say no need to know why this dark little town can barely be found you'll know long before me could take a long time

hide face I hide my face like liars do when I start to feel bad I just look away I hade my face they taught me how to and with a face like this wouldn't you?

mighty mouse, sir cum shot cable ready mighty mouse

blind beauty talking to a blind beauty about beauty talking to the red brigade about the blue talking about a fairy tale let's talk about something else, we don't know ourselves me and you

situation everybody wants to say they're sorry no one really likes you here everybody likes you here

brazen it's brazen it's calling it's left out it's coming it's gone

last thing I'll be the last thing you said and the last thing you thought you said ? beside the bed I'm the sister in your novel the old man next door I'll be the one who's gonna help I'm the one who's gonna make the new scars on the arms we ?

bone for the baby I don't wanna know what I'm doing I don't wanna go where I'm going to be eyes my malady stark reality it's so plain to see me here's a bone for the baby I don't wanna see what a mother can see in the eyes of her baby

question your love I question your love for me it's not like it used to be the promise me on your mouth no longer rings true I sometimes start wondering if there's something wrong with me something that you don't like where does blissful go? before I could ask you you told me no so I question your love for me it ain't like it used to be and I crumble down next to you swearing I do I question your love for me why you stopped loving me why?

d+a what's up your head they say it's said it's said they say it's all turned in it's all gone down you say you never did you say it's all we did it's all gone down it's all gone now

golden arm he came to San Francisco and he could never leave her golden arm and wait a minute there's a girl too and she left San Francisco and she left behind her golden charms and I know a little place in San Francisco where I'll never go because I know I will never see your face there I know a little place I'll never go in San Francisco and I don't mean "Frisco"

somewhere's else I belong somewheres else tonight and this just ain't happening it just can't be happening I belong somewheres else tonight and what really bothers me never turns out to be what is wrong and what really bothers me always turns out to be happening

Those Are Not My Bongos (2003)
motherfuckeroos does the penis offend you do the female charms alarm well hey you motherfuckers recall your hand hey you motherfuckeroos get over it

no longer whistler's dream date all this talk about a hairy chest and a red swimsuit that i haven't seen yet the funny thing i don't even know if you like to swim

firing squad with tongue in cheek that's french for diplomatic more french than oui less french than the comic tragedy resigned to die by firing squad i don't mind if i do until then uncork your wine i don't mind if i do

her plastic acupuncture foot presumed innocent plausibly benevolent if dreaming makes you a schemer can you make me a believer from long dark passage a short digitized message i saw betty and veronica juggling jughead's harmonica we cha cha in plastic feet in peru when cool things happen i think of you our fingers locked in caramel corn goo when cool things happen i think of you

vegas go lucks nape shiver luck took boat metal flywheel some belt is a lower constant took fish won reel is my arm around your waist is my head clear to the dump so it would be simple harmonics legs too hot and tigers too white someone won lots

hulk baby bonita hulk baby the packaging the packages i've known multiple marble eyed building faces staring down witnessing my Swedish problem your eyes flying your hands sighing your orange stripes are oranger than mine bonita somewhere in a spiral ancient Sunday school songs lie now and somewhere in a spiral bonita will lie down

a conversation are you from the west do you know the pines when it rains here it's like winter out there have i missed my stop have you felt this much have you seen me senseless wasted

a vow a vow to live this talk gonna hack your body up gonna tear you limb from limb gonna feed you to the wind when you're gone don't come back

hideout goddam the sinners and the saints and goddam those punks on the streets do you choose the puppet on the left or do you choose the puppet on the right you choose to hide in the hideout

table she sets the table she checks the clock they're almost coming ready and able except for the one who is not she sets the table peeks out the window a quarter to eight they're late maybe forgot then there's the knock on the door she checks the table and rechecks the table ready or not

nowhen, or "now, hen" you came from the sky beautiful beyond relief lookie lookie morning tea you here with me someday a bird will come steal you away blot out my sun but 'til then now is now there is no when

how to say when i kiss you when i touch you when i shout to the stars up above you i love you that's the way i say i love you i am sorry and then i worry and i seem to be in such a hurry to make you happy and to say i love you and when i'm angry about nothing and suddenly i go silent i'm probably trying to find a way to say i love you how to say so if i'm weary and worried and suddenly i go silent i'm trying to find the way to say i love you

the sandy man's name is not "sandy" i've been to the sea looked at rocks and drowned my knees saw your face wrapped in fog up above a soggy dog painting pictures in the sand pictures of some sandy man a sandy man who knows that all that's good begins with you i've been to the sea watched the rocks stare at me held your face in my frozen hands and died about what might have been